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Julia, Jay Jay and the “3 G’s” The Gonzalez family


The 3G’s have been a part of the PMF for 3 years during which time have had the opportunity to gain experience in performing confidently in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Not only vocally, but for their individual music aspirations in guitar, piano, drums and recorder – they have been able to learn and grow their musical talent with an audience and highly qualified adjudicators over the years. – Julia & Jay Jay 2013

The Pilbara Music Festival is a wonderful arena to showcase amateur musicians of all ages and grades of achievement.


Jana Buvari


Although I don’t remember being carried around the festival in a bassinet… apparently I was!
I’ve grown up around the Pilbara Music Festival and its amazing people. Performing as much as I could to get the most out of my experiences each year. As many who performed at the festival will know; we would often be preparing for performance exams at the same time so we all became a family so to speak and the PMF week was what your whole year was about!

The Pilbara music festival is an asset to Port Hedland and the surrounding area. The high calibre of performances there will often reach the cities of Australia and impress many people.

Jana Buvari

25th April 2013